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Registered Name Alternate Name Registration Number Microchip Number Tatto Kennel Breed Date of Birth Origin
Abbie of Indian Creek CFRB/454-03 Indian CreekČeský Fousek08-Feb-2003USA
Abbot of Dutchman's Hollow CFRB/042 Dutchman's HollowČeský Fousek24-May-1989USA
Abby Bee of Glacier Ridge CFRB/524-05 Glacier RidgeČeský Fousek25-Jun-2005USA
Abby of Bernie's Woulds CFRB/529-06 Bernie's WouldČeský Fousek28-May-2006USA
Abby of Willow Springs CFRB/496 Willow SpringsČeský Fousek13-Jun-2004USA
Abby Venaticus Major NHSB/3086357 528140000672383 Venaticus MajorČeský Fousek02-Jun 2017Netherlands
Abby z Plezomského lesa ČLP/CF/62760 62760Plezomského lesaČeský Fousek11-Mar-2015Czech Republic
Abé Farní dvůr ČLP/CF/REG/61186 61186Farní dvůrČeský Fousek19-Apr-2011Czech Republic
Abe of Ash Coulee CFRB/649-12 Ash CouleeČeský Fousek15-Apr-2012USA
Abe of Beci's Paradise CFRB/187 Beci's ParadiseČeský Fousek04-Jun-1994USA